We proudly present the Laguna series as entrance doors for dry areas like bathroom or closet.
Stainless steel is used as hardware can be used with 3/8” or ½” tempered glass.

The sliding glass door system for dressing rooms, wardrobe doors, bathroom entry doors and offices are recommanded.
We use various types of glass and thickness for this purpose. You can give a modern look to your house by using
the sliding glass door system. This system can easily be operated on glass partitions or on the side of sufficient
reinforced wall. This system is not only used as interior doors but also is utilized as partitions

Glass doors and partitions have become the trend for the homeowners and interior designers to give a
complete modern look to their homes, offices or loft spaces. The selection has become easier for our customers
as we offer a wide range including standard clear, frosted, linen glasses, colored glass, painted glass, sand
busted or an etched panel. You can use these either to give your interior a traditional look like on closets
or you can modernized your areas by using them as moving walls. Our high quality interior sliding doors can easily fit into
your budget and will add beauty to your homes. Safety of our customers is our priority.

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